What you want - and need - from your network and systems is the assurance that they work the way you want them to, day in and day out.  That's how NCTG defines reliability. We will set up your systems to mirror the way you and your employees work. And, when you need additional assistance we are here - reliable partners to help you stay on track and on top of your business.

  • Remote Monitoring - 24/7
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Specialists at your location when needed
  • Self-healing systems
Often, we even know about problems before you do and take the appropriate steps to ensure that your business remains accessible.

It's a tough world out there - and protecting your company and employees while communicating through the Internet, with email, web sites, and messaging, is important. NCTG creates secure environments for your confidential and sensitive information - firewalls, virtual private networks, and policies for both inside and outside your company. In short, we ensure that your hardware and software is maintained, current and able to protect your business while you do business.

Larger companies spend a lot of money and time ensuring the safety of their systems from hardware and software failures and human interaction issues. NCTG affords you this expertise cost-effectively for your networks and desktops, by developing policies, procedures and creating back-up and fail-over systems for the inevitable time that some misfortune occurs. Researchers continually warn of the very low survival rates of companies that lose their data.

NCTG offers plans and practices for disaster recovery.

Access to your systems and data, anytime, anywhere, securely and reliably is a must. Now available via the Internet and via your mobile phone (with smartphone technology).

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