North County Technology Group (NCTG) can help you take the next step in your growth, providing reliable computer networks for your company - and showing you  how best to use them. We can help you get the most out of the network you are running (just like the big guys) because we know what they know and how to do it. And we can do it at a fraction of the cost!

Your business infrastructure includes people, equipment, and services - resources that allow you to do what you do best - to run your business. Some of these services are outsourced since it's too hard and too expensive to maintain in-house expertise. Information Technology is one of these.

We are North County Technology Group, a responsive and reliable computer management service for small and midsized companies in North County. We provide, install, maintain and service computer networks and information systems - and can help you establish your policies, security, Internet access, and even the software you want to run in your environment. With our assistance, you can achieve the stability, and productivity you want for you company and rest easy that we are here for those times when you need reliable and fast support.

Essential to successful small business networking is deploying the right server. Microsoft Windows Small Business Server will power offices with up to 75 connected computers. We make it our business to know this specialized product inside out so our clients can maximize their ROI and enjoy productive, trustworthy computing. Our professional expertise is Small Business Server. Just ask one of our many satisfied clients.

Whether you're looking for web design, application development or custom programming to meet your business needs, we can help you. We have both local and well established overseas services to provide you with the most comprehensive and competitive services in the industry. When you want the best value for your investment, let us show you how you can achieve that objective and help your business grow.

Our enterprise Anti-Virus was not effective in catching the latest malware and virus definitions.
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We believe in being a specialist, not a jack of all trades. That's why we stick with branding and graphic design, and use NCTG for our systems maintenance.
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NCTG assisted us in design and then installed our entire network
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In our business, we can't afford any down time. Our business, we can't afford any down time.
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